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Tel : 1300 764 009

Our facility is located at 3 Eliot Road Armadale WA 6112.

20′ GP Container Dimensions Millimetres Feet
Length 5885 19’4”
Width 2350 7’8”
Height 2403 7’10”
Door Opening Width 2338 7’8”
Height 2292 7’6”
Kilograms Pounds
Weight Max. Gross 24000 52910
Tare 2150 4740
Max. Payload 21850 48170
Cube Metres Cube Feet
Capacity 33,150 1170


40′ GP Container Dimensions Millimetres Feet
Length 12033 39’6”
Width 2350 7’8”
Height 2394 7’10”
Door Opening Width 2338 7’8”
Height 2280 7’6”
Kilograms Pounds
Weight Max. Gross 30480 67200
Tare 3800 8377
Max. Payload 26680 58823
Cube Metres Cube Feet

We have both 20ft and 40ft stationary shipping containers (Self Storage Units) available for hire.

A 20ft container (33.15cbm) has been proven to be adequate space for a 3-4 bedroom house lot, or similar quantity of goods, or 1 vehicle.

A 40ft container (67.7cbm) is approximately twice as long as the 20ft container and is suitable for large quantities of household or other goods or 2 vehicles.

See tables above for exact dimensions.

Smaller spaces are not available.

Our self storage units and containers are weather-tight and rodent proof.

They are also fitted with ‘whirlybird’ vents to lower the temperatures during the summer months.

Regular maintenance checks are carried out to assist in maintaining the condition of the containers.

Our facility is protected by a 24hr monitored camera system, alarms, secure perimeter fencing and key-card access for registered storers.

Yes, you supply the padlock for you container. We provide you with a key card to access the property.

We do not supply removal services, but can recommend a local removalist if required.

We supply second hand boxes free of charge to our customers when available. Just make an enquiry at the office.

Our facility operating hours are between 7am and 7pm, 7 days a week. During this time you can access the property with your key-card to access your self storage unit.

Our office is open between the hours of 7am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday, however if assistance is needed after hours do not hesitate to contact us via our 1300 number.

Yes, to ensure availability it is essential to book ahead of the time you will be needing storage, especially during the summer months when demand is high.

Your booking can be made over the phone and/or just call into our office to complete the necessary paperwork.

When completing the storage contract you will need to provide photo identification ; a current driver’s licence is preferred.

Payment methods are as follows:

Direct Debit

Credit Card (not Amex or Diners)


Cheque (on approval)

Money Order

Email or contact us on 1300 764 009 for a quote on our current rates.

A deposit of $100 is required at the time of booking; this is refunded on return of the access key-card at the end of your term.

Discounts are offered for payment in advance for terms of 3 months or more.

We do not offer insurance for your goods while in storage.

However many household contents insurance policies do provide for goods in storage as an optional extra. Make an enquiry with your current insurer if you require this type of cover.

Once you know the date you will be vacating your container just let us know by phone or email. No set notice is required.

On return of the access key-card to our office your deposit will be refunded.